sunday love letters: to my stoner sheroes

Blogging doesn't come as naturally as it did for me as an indoor kid desperate for attention community or a discontented college student. Now it comes with much more self-flagellating pressure to produce something more valuable than the glorified data-entry demands of my administration day job.  Now my creative brains meets every inspiration with an… Continue reading sunday love letters: to my stoner sheroes

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cheat or treat: eating in moderation

"Your physique is 80% diet, 20% exercise." "Abs are made in the kitchen." "Enjoy everything in moderation!" Even if you only dabble in health conscious literature in magazines or online, you have come across at least one of those adages. When I started my fitness journey six years ago, the Internet was the single most… Continue reading cheat or treat: eating in moderation

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more is not always better! // single-serving peanut butter canna-balls

Let's just get this ubiquitous sentence-starter over with on this very first post - As a vegan, I was frustrated by the lack of edible options in my neighborhood. I'm a Washingtonian born and raised, and this is well before weed was legal and every shop had every kind of oil infusion in a bottle. I knew a handful of, *ahem,* small-business owners, so cannabutter was readily available to me. That's all well and good, but I needed options. No shame in this game, but can we go ahead and say that I was an adult at this point so that I don't have to make the disclaimer that developing brains should not be playing with mind-altering substances? Great, let's move on.