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Primetime Snack: Cannabis-Infused (or Not!) Vegan Popcorn Balls

Sometimes you develop a recipe idea from old ingredients you forgot were in the pantry. Last year, towards the end of winter, I found bags of Dandies Pumpkin Vegan Marshmallows in the clearance bin. Never one to turn down a sale, I bought several, gave a couple away, and promptly forgot about it until I… Continue reading Primetime Snack: Cannabis-Infused (or Not!) Vegan Popcorn Balls

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more is not always better! // single-serving peanut butter canna-balls

Let's just get this ubiquitous sentence-starter over with on this very first post - As a vegan, I was frustrated by the lack of edible options in my neighborhood. I'm a Washingtonian born and raised, and this is well before weed was legal and every shop had every kind of oil infusion in a bottle. I knew a handful of, *ahem,* small-business owners, so cannabutter was readily available to me. That's all well and good, but I needed options. No shame in this game, but can we go ahead and say that I was an adult at this point so that I don't have to make the disclaimer that developing brains should not be playing with mind-altering substances? Great, let's move on.