420FITGIRL is a platform to investigate and celebrate the intersectional lifestyles of veganism/plant-based diet, cannabis use, and fitness enthusiasm. 420FITGIRL exists as an outlet for people from all walks of life with a passing or invested interest in any of these topics that inspires and motivates them to be happy, healthy, and conscious of the happiness and wellness of others. 420FITGIRL’s primary goal is to de-stigmatize vegan cuisine, cannabis use, and individuals who identify as women especially within the fitness community. We are not The Vegan Police; while 420FITGIRL only promotes plant-based diets and cruelty-free products, we believe in overall harm reduction to the best of each individual’s capabilities.

420FITGIRL’s mission is to provide relatable content across visual and audible mediums that inspire visitors to venture into new experiences, create sustainable lifestyles, and cultivate compassion for themselves and others. 420FITGIRL does not exclude others based on lifestyle choices and does not tolerate a culture of hate.